Winter: Season for the Believers | Jack The Lad

The onset of winter can be quite draining and depressing, and the freezing temperatures make it quite common to hear people complaining. Winter arguably is not the most favorite season in the year for anyone, but contrary to popular attitude, Islam has the formula of success in this month. We don’t need to suffer from…

MY WIFE, I AM SORRY | Jack The Lad

He woke up in the morning and found her praying. He heard her praying for him. He stared at her. It has been a long time since he has seen her praying. For the past few months, they have been arguing. Last night, they had a nasty fight, He went to the kitchen in a…

Quote Of The Day

مؤقت – Temporary   “Perhaps our fatal flaw is dedicating ourselves to things that will be gone in a flash. And our biggest mistake is trying to create a forever out of people who are only meant to be temporary.”

A Token Of Appreciation | Jack The Lad

If someone does good to you, let them know you appreciate it. Unfortunately today, we only let people know when they’ve done something wrong, but stay silent when they’ve done something good. The Prophet Muhammad said “He who doesn’t thank the people, doesn’t thank Allah”. We have received multiple messages and comments in the past…

Quote Of The Day

  “Guilt after committing a sin is a blessing from Allah. Do not betray your conscience. Allah gave you an alarm system. Do not disable it.” – Dr Bilal Philips